Funds Raised

Who, What & Why

Just For Kicks is a school intervention program that works towards teaching kids the invaluable lessons of critical thinking, self-awareness, and leadership through our life skills based football curriculum. In a country where 66% of high school graduates are unemployable due to lack of life skills, we believe that football can be the tool to bridge this gap and equip them with a better chance at a happier, well-rounded life. While we develop life skills on one side, it gives children an incredible opportunity to pursue a career in the world’s most played sport. 

Our Philosophy & Methodology

We firmly believe life skills can only be taught indirectly through various mediums.  By focusing on the tool - football - a child is able to fully immerse into the sport, imbibing life skills and developing a strong love and passion for football.


We follow a simple model of work that runs right through the academic year:

    • Identifying schools in need of a well-rounded education model
    • Investing parents and teachers
    • 48 coaching and mentoring sessions that span 60 hours
    • Fitness, Life Skills & Football Skill assessments twice a year
    • Citywide league spanning more than 60 hours
    • National Tournament with talent scouting via partner clubs
  • Outreach & Impact 

What began in 2011 as a program within 5 schools in Pune today has grown tremendously, as shown by the numbers below:

  • Operating in 4 cities - Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore
  • Number of schools - 96
  • Number of kids - 2500
  • % of girls - 36

Through the Just For Kicks Program, we have seen an average difference of 17% in attendance – when comparing kids in the program and their classmates.

Our current registration data tells us that this year will see a presence of 43% girls’ teams, a statistic that gives us immense pride and hope.

94% of schools interviewed tell us that they see ‘a marked difference in the behavior and attitude of children, because of the JFK program’

But most of all, it is the stories that prove we are on the right track. Stories from Pune about Ashutosh, the most violent kid in the St. Francis team, calling for a closed door meeting with the entire team to put an end to fights within the team. Stories from Mumbai about Zaya and how she changed the outlook her conservative community had about girls playing football – where she now coaches close to 50 young girls. 

The League 

We have always had our proof points. The only question that remained was ‘Can we take these kids we serve and propel them into Indian Football – changing how sport is looked at in the communities and uplifting the dismal state of affairs in grassroots football development?’

To answer that question, we began the School Football Championships.  (www.sfcleague.com)

In its inaugural season, The School Football Championships ran across 8 weekends across 4 cities simultaneously. Over the course of these 8 weeks, close to 200 teams battled it out to be crowned City Champions. With technical partners like Mumbai City FC, Crystal Palace FC and a whole host of local clubs – the children knew what was at stake. This could be their chance to make it big. To go from adoring Zlatan and Iniesta, to actually trying to emulate them.

Why Support Us? 

You should support us because you share a common love for the beautiful game. You should support us because we are on a never-ending quest to transform the lives of children whose lives are defined by demographics. You should support us because we can significantly change the way children look at schooling. You should support us because we have absolutely no doubt that India does have the potential to be a force in the world of football. 

But most of all, you should support us because it is time for all of us to stop sitting on our couches and talk about change. Start with a contribution, get involved, spread the word. We assure you that the day you stand firmly by a cause, everyone else will too. 

We are on the cusp of a major revolution in the education and sports space. Here is your chance  to be in the forefront of this - Donate.