Funds Raised

We believe every child can be a leader. 

Evidence proves that education can lead to improved human development indices like improved health, reduced poverty and child mortality. But what enables individuals to make ‘right’ choices – ones that take responsibility for improving our combined futures? This is at the heart of our theory of change. We believe that strong leadership skills are vital to creating choices as well as making the right choices.
Our programs, “Just For Kicks” (football), “Music Basti” (music), and “Build Maya” (Lego building blocks) use a unique pedagogy and creative methods to inculcate strong belief systems, develop problem solving skills, and build a keen sense of awareness in the children we work with. Today, we reach and impact over 5,000 children in over 100 low-income schools in urban and rural India. 
Our programs
Music Basti: Created in 2008 with a unique pedagogical approach and bespoke educational methods, Music Basti’s program includes a combination of musical training, song writing and performances, culminating in an annual public concert, a public performance for all the program’s students.
Just For Kicks: Launched in 2011 with the motto ‘Everyone Plays’, Just For Kicks works in schools to help children garner multiple benefits of leadership development using football as a medium. Through a curriculum that combines life skills with football drills, students engage in year-round rigorous training, participate in national leagues and get scouted at games, gaining exposure to sport and competition simultaneously.
Build Maya: Our newest program Build Maya enables children’s creative and critical thinking skills, develops motor skills, builds problem solving competencies, and also furthers a range of abilities including math, engineering and lateral thinking. Children are encouraged to work together to build projects, and to use these skills to imagine and design solutions for challenges in their communities. 
Your contribution can make a real difference.
In our unique fundraising model, 100% of your donation goes directly to the program costs.A set of sponsors and individuals support our overheads and administration, allowing us to ensure 100% of your donation directly supports the program costs. Your support can enable a single student, a football team of 10 students, a music class of 20 students, an entire city or a program nationally.